Bene and his play date with Marley! Marley is six weeks younger than Bene but as you see he is a little dude! It was fun to watch them play together. Don’t let Marley’s size fool you he put Bene in his place quite a few times! APRIL 2016 boys


So needless to say Bene has GROWN! He went from being Maxx’s partner in crime and someone his size to towering over Toby. With both dogs being older I was scared to see how they would react. Both has accepted Bene but every now and then have moments where they just need a break! SENIOR MOMENTS




JUN 2016 lovehate








swing Yes, in a swing! I know ridiculous!  Being so tiny we couldn’t resist. Many walks in the park to socialize and meet everyone! Bene was taken everywhere we went the first few months after bringing him home. He loved to attack anything in his site. We had to watch him with plants in the yard and move plenty because he didn’t take NO as the answer.