Whole new meaning to ‘Keeping you on your toes’…….

We have had Saban now for almost a month. It has been filled with so much love and laughter and frustration…hahahaha!!!!!!!!! He is so lively and fun! Into EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Loves his daily walks and ‘SMACKDOWNS’ as I like to call them with his big sister(not blood sister) Dixie. She is our 5 yr old German Shepherd. I can’t be more pleased with the relationship that they have built. Simply put, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!! He loves to push his boundaries and her buttons, after all he is a puppy, but she always puts him in his place. My 9 yr old daughter with high functioning autism is still not sure…LOL…she doesn’t like puppy bites and claws, as do any of us; she can’t equate pain with play….. but she loves him and talks to him all the time and blows bubble to him while she is in the tub. She just can’t wait for him to get past this phase. We took him for his 9wk shots and everyone at our vet clinic fell in love! Who wouldn’t right? We were shocked, as was the vet when he weighed in at a whopping 20.2lbs!!! I repeat 20.2lbs!!!! He had a HUGE growth spurt in the previous week leading up to that visit. One look at those paws and forearms and there is NO shadow of a doubt this boy is gonna be a beast. I keep trying to get a picture of him standing with a picture of my fist and forearm…they are pretty much the same size!!!!!! We are so happy with him and love him dearly. Can’t wait to see what the next 10-15 bring! Hopefully potty training(LOL), much more laughter and lots of love!