Getting Bigger

Aries is getting even more bigger now. He loves to be a little lap dog even though he is rather large for that. He has recently discovered that he is tall enough to get into the trash can , so for right now we are working on breaking him of getting into the trash can. He has been playing with our son almost everyday and likes to lay in his room. He also loves to play with our family friends 2 dogs as well. We get them together as often as we can. Any new person that he sees is like his best friend, he all around loves to be around people. Here are some updated photos of him, sitting in “his” spot in the family room.

His favorite spot to sit.

His favorite spot to sit.


Update on Bruno

Since bringing Bruno home his name has now been changed to Aries. He responded to his new name by the second day of bringing him home. So far he has been an awesome addition to the family. Him and my son Jaxson play together all the time. He has grown quite a bit since bringing him home. I have included pictures from the day we brought him home and one taken last week.

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