Having fun!!

20140306_172817Today was an amazing day!! Dusty, aka Eva, had a blast running with Slayden, and playing fetch! When it was time to come in and watch Daddy do housework, Eva wanted to help so bad!! While Daddy was completing a project he couldn’t find his hammer or screwdriver! I caught Ms. Eva ” red pawed” and was able to capture a picture, that I’ll be sharing! We hope everyone is having as much fun as we are!!! :)

Dusty’s first night!!

1393937834002Hello Triple S Shepherds world! My name is Stacy and I’m the proud owner of Dusty! Her first night was beyond perfect. My youngest son is nonverbal, and Ms. Dusty is very vocal, which Mama loves, but my son mimics her every whimper, every bark, every single sound! I’m ecstatic!! Progress for my son started the minute we met our love Dusty. And we couldn’t be prouder of both Dusty and our son. A big thank you to Triple S Shepherds!!

Mama Stacy, and Dusty!