Charlie Bear


Grizzly became “Charlie Bear” once we got him home.

Words can’t describe the bond that each of us have with him. He loves his family and has adjusted well with the other animals(including the cats).
He is a very good watch dog. He lets us know every time an ambulance or fire truck passes. He likes to howl to the sound.

He loves to play ball everyday.
He will bring the ball and drop it at your feet,
this means he is ready to play.
We have also taught him how to catch.
We bought him his own pool because it is hot,
But he would rather swim in the in-ground pool.
We can’t seem to keep him out.

Charlie is very smart. We started training him from the time he was a puppy. He will sit,lay,give you his paw,then his other paw,fetch,and high five.

He has been such a blessing these past 6 months.
He was a great companion for my son while he was recovering from a car accident. He brought laughter in the home during a difficult time.
No doubt, he was God sent.
All of his good makes up for the bad.
Like the costs Of the things he destroyed
Or chewed up. We love our “Charlie Bear”.