Road Trip…………

Well everyone I got to go on my first vacation.  It was really fun, we rode in the truck to North Carolina, and I got to play on the mountains.  Sure was fun.  I made 2 new friends; Juno and Acer.  I think Acer has a crush on me.  Anyway, it was really a long trip and I did miss my mom, but she survived.  I can’t wait to go again………….

Rain Rain go away…….its time to play outside!!!

Well all its been a while and I wanted to let you know what I have been in to, yes thats right in to.

I have discovered how good shoes taste!! Of course since I wasn’t that hungry I only chewed one of each kind, afterall do humans really need all those shoes??? Now they keep the closet door closed……what a bummer.

I do like the rain when it stops, it makes the best mud, and I LOVE mud.  I just figured out that mud sticks to your paws and my mom doesn’t like mud in the house,   OOPS.  She loves me anyway, I know.

The fireworks the other night were not fun…….I got scared and hid in the bushes, but it was fun to watch Mom and Dad search for me in the dark, next time I will just hide in the house.

Well its been raining here for days…… I have a lot of energy just waiting to burst out, its really hard for me to contain it.  I have all my toys out of the toy box some in every room, but its still not like playing frisbee out side.  Dad got me a frisbee that sails way far so I have to run faster to get it but I haven’t seen it in a couple of days, I guess he doesn’t want me to get hurt playing with in on the slippery grass.  Cause I am well over 50 pounds, and just as tall, I can put my front paws on the pedestal sink and look in the mirror, and what do I see………….you guessed it, a friend that looks just like me.  I am fast too……I can just walk by you and steal whatever you have, food, remotes, just about anything.

Everyone says that I have the whitest teeth.  But I am beautiful all over……just check me out by going to the library, and you will see yourself!

Sometimes humans don’t have the sense of a puppy, dad is out cutting grass in between rain drops…….Gee I wonder if he needs some help?  Guess I will end this and try to go help him……It looks like fun.





I’m a big dog now (or at least I think I am)

Well I thought I would let you all know what I am up to.  I am a Frisbee playing fool!  I love my Frisbee I have one all my own, its just my size.  I carry it around all day, I would even sleep with it but dad says its an outside toy?????? I have been really good lately, I get to run in the back yard whenever I want too, I have my own door and that is really convenient. I am now too big to fit through the rails on the deck (47 pounds of energy), so mom doesn’t have to be out with me all the time. So when I am alone (except for my surrogate mother Sophie she’s 12 and really isn’t interested in playing with me) I like to play in the dirt, dad has found a couple of holes, but I am sure that there are some he hasn’t found yet….If Sophie’s paws weren’t so big, I bet I could blame her.  Well that’s the update………Q.SONY DSC

44 and growing

Well folks, I am growing like a week 44 pounds of pure joy!! It’s finally getting warm enough for me to get in that big cement pond in my back yard!  My teeth have come in and they are really pretty, and mom say thank you that they are not very sharp.  My favorite toy is becoming my Frisbee, but dad says its an outside toy…………I am getting a lot of silver in my coat.  Guess I will look more like my (dog) dad than my (dog) mom. I will have dad put some pictures up soon.  Oh, I have a new friend, mom calls him a “grandson” but he loves to play with me and chase me, maybe one day I will let him catch me, no on second thought I like to see him run.  Well that’s all for now………Q

Here comes trouble

SONY DSCHi again,

Just wanted everyone to know that I weigh 34.6 pounds!!! I just got back from the vet and he said I am right on track.  I am getting 4 new teeth, and have acquired a taste for cayenne pepper.  Guess you just cant keep a cute puppy from digging, unless you block the hole with a cinder block! Yesterday I helped dad move dirt; only I guess I wasn’t supposed to bring it inside, its okay dad cleaned it up before mom got home.  I got to sleep on the big dog bed last night, so that must mean I am growing up.

Till next time………..

another update

SONY DSCWell I am growing fast.  I weigh about 34 pounds, and mom and dad say I am growing like a weed.  I am in my second phase of training, but I really think its fun……….I get to play hide and seek with dad, he always gives me a treat when I find him.  I sit on command, and if I remember I gently take food from mom’s hand.  My teeth aren’t suppose to touch her skin, but sometimes I forget.  Oh by the way, I don’t dig in my favorite spot anymore, cause dad put some cayenne pepper down, and it makes me sneeze. I can’t wait for the warmer weather cause there is a big cement pond in my backyard, and when the water is warm I will get to play in it. Dad is going to take some more pictures so everyone can see that I am looking more and more like my dad Koda, My face is almost the same color as his and my head is shaped like him too.  I do have my moms silky coat… I hope my brothers and sisters are having as much fun as I am……..til next time…………


Well, today wasn’t stellar.  I had a lot of fun, but mom and dad were really mad.  They thought I was “old enough” to be on my own today, in my big house, but I showed them!!!  I did use the doggie door so I didn’t have any accidents in the house, but I can say I enjoyed sleeping on the pillows I pulled off the bed, then after my nap, I was a bit hungry so I snacked on dads CPAP machine. I only dug 1 hole (that they could find) and I was considerate by washing my feet off in the toilet, I just didn’t know that those darn muddy foot prints would give me a way.  I was really tired when they got home cause it takes a lot of energy to tease the parrot all day………….Well its off to bed, cause I have to think about all the adventures I can have tomorrow, if I get to run the house again.


Growing, Growing, Growing

Queenie is growing like a weed.  Up to 30 pounds of pure energy! Her face is beginning to look more and more like her dad’s.  But her personality is truly unique.  She is 90% housebroken, with the exception of when she is too excited. We are working on a training program with her and she seems to be catching on fast.  Can’t wait for the WARMER weather so she can learn to swim in the pool, as right now when ever she has an opportunity she plays in the toilet water!!!SONY DSC Queenie doesn’t care to have her picture taken.  She always closes her eyes



Queenie is growing up

Queenie is 12 weeks old, and as we like to refer to her a smart little gremlin; at her most recent check-up she weighed in at 22 pounds.  Right now her favorite toy is any one that she can pull out of the toy box.  She has really good eye coordination and loves to chase balls.  She has figured out the doggie door and loves the outside.  She is still weary of the pool, and makes great strides to stay as far away from it as she can.  Her face is changing daily; getting a little more of dads color around the eyes and brow.  What’s most striking is the white spot that has appeared on her tail! Her personality has blossomed and she is a joy to have.SONY DSC

Kiera has a new name



Thanks for getting Jeanne and I online to add to her blog.  We renamed Kiera to Queenie.  This name was my first German Shepherd name 54 years ago.  I took Queenie to the vets office Monday the fourth of February.  She had a clean bill of health, weight was 11 lbs.  She is growing so fast… Already using the dog door.  Queenie hobby is collecting sticks, I am adding a new photo I took today.  More to follow.