Kona is home!

Kona is an AMAZING dog and she is the perfect addition to our family! We loving watching her grow with our 5 month old and our 6 and 8 year olds. She whines when they leave for school and has quickly learned that the big yellow thing now only takes away her 2 older friends but it also brings them home to her. She knows how to sit and stay and just figured out how to jump on the couch and into the bath tub 😬. She loves her baths, even when she isn’t suppose to be in there. She is playing well with our 11 year old rat terrier, Gracie, although at times, Gracie would rather be resting. She loves car rides and attention, toys (especially Saylors baby toys), and napping. She wasn’t suppose to be in our bed at night, but she won that battle and sleeps right in the middle of Levi and I. We love her so much!