Get To Know Me!

Hello everyone!

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I’m Murphy the German and this is a blog about me!

My parents, Riley, and I all live in Pensacola since the Navy sent us here. It’s very hot, and I definitely prefer the cold; especially when we play outside. If it’s really hot, I’ll do everything I can to hide in the shadows. I love Riley my beloved. She’s my best friend, and I don’t care that she’s a cat. I love to destroy all the “indestructible” toys my parents buy me the first day I get them because I take indestructible to be a challenge. I’m also the pickiest eater, but I finally like the food I have right now (it’s the 4th brand I’ve tried), and it doesn’t make me sick. I like my weekly puppy classes too, but I’m still scared of the other dogs, and I don’t understand why everyone gets upset when I bark at them, but I’ll keep trying to do better!

That’s all for now!

It’s not super hot today, so I’m going to go play fetch!


– Murphy

(Typed by my mom)