Rucker in WV Snow

Dear Mom and Dad

I'm not in Alabama anymore!!  Holy snow balls its cold. But my new family is letting me sleep inside 
for now. New brother and BIG sister have finally warmed up to me. Little iffy there in the beginning 
with Brother Yorkie. But BIG sister has been great. She and I play and play. The Boy here loves me. 
He let's me sleep with him some. He is cool. Still having a little trouble with this whole concept 
of not peeing and pooing where I want. Never knew it would be such a big deal.
 But Daddy Chris and Mommy Sherri loose their minds when they find it on their floors. 
But I'm getting there. Last three episodes have been in woods where Daddy Chris wants me to go.
 Cousin Yorkie came over and spent day yesterday and it was a great time. 
 Went to vet Wednesday and all is good but a shot in the butt sucked. Not good treats there either. 

All else is good. Days spent exploring, sleeping and good food three times day. 
Tell everyone I said hey and write if they get work. 



P.S.  They said I have to say "Go Mountaineers!". 

No more Roll Tide.
 I like Blue and Gold better anyway. New Haven-20130217-00093