Happy Gotcha Day

Yesterday, Nov. 6, was our one year anniversary of bringing Panzer home! He’s still sweet as he was as a little fur ball, he’s just a much bigger fur ball!


The night we brought him home…our little lap pup!













And a year later. He’ll still try to fit in your lap though!


Happy 1st B’day!

Panzer turned one yesterday! We celebrated with a toy (monster tug…that he and our son can play with, or should I say, Panzer can drag my son around the house with) and some doggie peanut butter cups!


For meeeee?


Tugging/dragging the Boy, his favorite game!





The only thing that’s changed in the last year….

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

Is one of the Amigos…by about 60+ pounds and still growing!

The Bigger Three Amigos!

The Bigger Three Amigos!

Birthday Month!

Panzer’s b’day is quickly approaching! He’ll be one on Sept. 12! We’re planning on presents and some sort of doggie treat!

In the meantime, both he and my son have a shared affinity for dirt and mud to cool off from the heat. :)





We did go on a family vacation to the mountains of NC in May, Pan did great and was a great trail dog!






Panzer is incredibly sweet, but very protective over his family. I do not fear for my or my family’s safety at all when he’s with us (combine that with Anna, our other GSD and you’d have to be an idiot to mess with us!!)

I am NEVER alone if he’s with me, he’s a constant shadow. He still doesn’t realize he’s a giant and wants to be a lapdog. We couldn’t be happier with the Pan Man!










Growing Up

Panzer is doing great! He’s still a big, loveable doof and we wouldn’t change a thing!















He’s starting to fill out a bit, he’s about the same height as Anna now, but he’s going from lanky teenager to gaining some muscle–and he’s a bottomless pit! Homeboy loves to eat, which makes it easy to train, he’s pretty food motivated….



























…and mud and dirt motivated as well! There was a lot of cleaning needed after this adventure!

He’s still attending doggy-daycare a few days a week. Bless him, when he sees another dog he barks, out of excitement, but it sounds so big! We’re working on calming down that excitement into focus, which works well when we have the aforementioned treats!

Trail Dog

One of the (many) reasons we love GSDs is their love of doing things with their people, especially activities. One thing we love to do is go hiking–just getting out in the woods for hours, being together as a family, is something I need to stay grounded. Anna, our first GSD, has been perfect. She’s a great trail dog, with a pretty rock solid recall (well, except for that one bunch of turkeys…but she came back lol) and constantly checking in on us and staying in eye sight. Having a companion that’s just ready to go, hit the trail and hike for hours is something we have to have and love about the breed. We wanted the same with our next pup, and couldn’t wait to see how Panzer would do.

Off we Go!

Off we Go!















Monday was a holiday for me and our son, but since most people worked there was no one on the trails, except one other couple. It was a perfect test, and Panzer did great! He followed Anna, which is great since she can teach him to be a proper trail dog. He also kept checking in on us–you might be the familiar with the “run back, leg-nose bump” that seems to be common with GSDs!

All three kids, hiking away

All three kids, hiking away


















He had a pretty good recall and never wandered off on his own. He stayed with us on the trail for a good 2.5 mile trek.

Looking good at 5.5 mo!

Looking good at 5.5 mo!


















With the weather ¬†getting nicer, we plan to try to get out each weekend working on hiking and trail etiquette. I can’t wait to get him to NC in May to hike the Blue Ridge!


Puppy Daycare…

…was a success! Pan met a lot of new friends and did very well! He was EXHAUSTED! and slept like a rock!




I think he wanted to go back this morning, he ran out all excited to get in the car! He’ll go back tomorrow and about once or twice a week for a while.

Almost 5 Months

Panzer is doing very well! He turns 5 months this Saturday and currently weighs about 45 pounds! He’s already half as big as Anna, our other GSD, who weighs about 65-68lbs.

2016-01-24 17.10.37_resized


He’s learned some basic OB very well, he’s quite food motivated. He’s doing his sits, downs and we’re working on stay and leave it.


2016-01-24 17.07.37_resized2016-01-24 21.56.09_resized

He went to Puppy Daycare today, he’s entering that 5 month-old butt-head stage and has begun barking at other dogs. Hopefully some days playing with other pups as well as some more field trips will help out. The biggest issue with the barking is that he’s a 100-lb bark coming out of a 45lb dog, so it’s very startling to others. Then they see him and are like “Oh! It’s a puppy!” He can get calmed down with some treats and sits/focus work, but I forgot how tough this stage full of fear periods and world observations can be!


2016-01-24 17.08.39_resized

We’re still thrilled to have the small, 45-lb bull in a china shop in our home. He’s very sweet, caring and loves his people. :)

A Very Active Beginning

So far, all is good with Panzer at 12 weeks! He’s a super smart, sweet and mellow pup. As soon as he arrived, he just “fit” in with his new family of me (mom), dad, our son, our 7-year-old bi-color GSD, Anna, and the two kitties (well the kitty part might still be up for debate…)


The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

We did have a scare with this little dare devil. After only four days, he attempted to escape his crate and found himself stuck between two wire panels for hours. When I returned home from work, I had to pry him out and he couldn’t walk. It had to be one of the scariest things I’ve ever been though. He was rushed to our vet and kept overnight. By the next day he was severely hunched, but could scuttle about. Our vet couldn’t tell us if he’d ever fully recover and we were just torn apart by this.

"Walking"  five days post the "crate incident"

“Walking” five days post the “crate incident”

I have to say, we contacted Ros and Norm and kept them up to date and Ros gave some great advice (Rescue Remedy drops!) and we decided to find an acupuncturist. We settled on Well Being Animal Society in Birmingham and we couldn’t have been more pleased. After two sessions and some herbal supplements, we went from a dog we thought might be paralyzed for his life to, now, a normal, running spazzy puppy. The only advice I’d give, get your pet insured. I put Panzer’s policy on him the DAY OF the incident not knowing what was going to happen, but it didn’t go in force until 12:01 a.m. the next day. Through PetPlan, everything would have been covered. Even the acupuncture. We have it on Anna and highly suggest it for active, potentially “trouble maker” pups! :)


Dr. Natalie was the BEST!

Dr. Natalie was the BEST!

But even though all of his tribulations, Pan has remained awesome. He’s learning sit and “leave it” and we have one ear fully up and the other is working on it. We just love this little guy!