A little introduction about myself

My name is Jennifer Amerson. I live in the Pace, Florida area, which I am sure a lot of you are familiar with, but if your not I am just east of Pensacola. I have been married for 11 years to my wonderful husband Mike and we have 2 beautiful children. I grew up in the Milton area and graduated high school from Milton High School. I went to college at PJC and received my 2 year degree in criminal justice. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to persue a career in law enforcement. My father worked in this field for over 35 years and retired a few years back; so needless to say my dad is the one who inspired me to go into this. I went to the academy in Okaloosa County and shortly after I graduated I began working for Escambia County Sheriffs Department. Once I completed the training program I was assigned to the midnight shift. I worked this same shift for 3 years when I was then offered a position into the special investigations unit where we specialized mostly in the illegal street narcotics. I worked in this unit for about a year when an available position in the K-9 unit came open.  I interviewed for it and was delighted when I received the position. A couple of months later I was introduced to my first four legged partner Cerbo. He was am amazing shepherd from Czechoslovakia. We began our training together and after a lot of long hours and hard work we finally graduated. We went to work and wouldn’t you know it but we were assigned to the midnight shift. Cerbo and I worked together for about a year when he had to be pulled out of the program. I was devastated. I was told that he was going to be sent back to Kentucky where the department purchased him from. When I was told this I went straight home and got on the phone with the gentleman in Kentucky and spoke with him about my possibilities of keeping Cerbo with me. He agreed to let me purchase him directly from him and I was ecstatic; until he gave me the price. If anyone knows about law enforcement and the salary then you know where my concerns were going.  All I kept thinking about was how am I going to come up with this big chunk of money??  I worked it out to where I could make payments on him so I could keep him. Once  again my life was complete. Cerbo was then retired and just lived with me as a family member. I continued his obedience training and some of his personal protection training, but mostly I just let him be a dog. I was then partnered up with my 2nd four legged partner, a solid black female named Bagira. Bagira was from Germany and she was a ball of fire!  We went through the training program together, graduated and were assigned to an evening shift. We worked this shift for many years together and were successful in many narcotic and suspect finds. I was married and had become pregnant so I was placed on light duty status.  I did not want to totally give up my time working beside Bagira so they allowed me to do demonstrations with her.  I would take Bagira to all the local schools to demonstrate what we did together and I loved educating the kids, seeing there eyes light up and the amazement they had when the learned the endless and amazing abilities these dogs had. Once I had my first child I decided to resign to stay home with her. I was given the option to turn Bagira over to another handler or purchase her from the department. Well I am sure you can guess what I did, I kept her of course! I then had these two amazing dogs and all I pretty much did is touch up on some of the training, but let them know they were just a member of our family.  They have since both passed away, but was so blessed to have them be a part of my life for the years they spent with me. I was the lucky one because truth be known they chose me!  Our family rescued a beautiful female shepherd out of Montgomery, AL and she has now been with us for several years. I would love to be able to train her, but unfortunately she came from a very rough background. The previous owners ( if you even want to call them that) left her tied up in a barn. They kennel staff  informed us that these people would feed and water her when they thought about it. When me and my husband drove to Alabama to pick this dog up we were so saddened by what we saw. Inside this kennel was a fragile, very skinny girl. She was solid black but was missing all her hair on her face, front legs and her chest, she was also covered from head to toe with fleas and ticks. Later we found out that the mange was what made her hair all fall out and because it went untreated for so long she had contracted a secondary skin infection. The kennel worker told me and my husband that every time someone would walk by her she would crouch down in the corner of her kennel and wet herself. She then informed us that this particular dog may not be a suitable match for our family and that we should see if there was another dog there that we were interested in;  especially since we had small children and the because of the abusive past.  My husband and I  both told her we did not care about her past and we wanted to spend some time with her anyway. Fortunately we had brought our daughter with us so we could see first hand how she would handle children. When they opened that gate she took a little convincing that she could trust us and we were not going to hurt her, but she found my daughter the most interesting. She walked straight up to my daughter and licked her hand. Me and my husband just looked at one another with tears in our eyes and I told him then that she had chosen our family. We loaded her up in our SUV and began the trip back home, she slept the entire way! Before we made it 20 miles down the road we already had a name for her, she was no longer a number to be identified by, she would be known now as Leyna. She is the most amazing dog I have ever seen, so loving and caring.  Our son is autistic and she is wonderful with him, so gentle and understanding. I know this is her way of thanking us for saving her and we are so blessed to have her as a part of our family.

German shepherds are a wonderful addition to your life and I have been giving this wonderful opportunity to continue on with my passion. I would love to help with any training matters you may have. I look forward to assisting you all in any way possible. I can either answer your questions or if you would like I can personally assist you in your training. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity and I am looking so forward to getting started.


Jennifer Amerson