12 Weeks and 25 lbs.



Well Daddy took me to the Vet and everybody there just spoiled me to death!  What a great place – they gave me treats and Dr. Wilbur said she wished she could play with me all day, but she had work to do.  I won’t mind going back there at all.   I’m 25 lbs now – D r. Wilbur says I’m going to be a big girl.   My ears keep trying to stand up but they don’t stay.  Hope they do soon ’cause they look kind of funny.

I have this potty training thing down pat now!  Whenever I have to go, I just paw at the doorknob and Mom and Dad let me out.  Works like a charm!  I’m also learning not to jump up on people ’cause my nails have scratched Mom’s arms and made them bleed – I didn’t mean to do that, I was just excited to see her.  Mom gets that, but she says I have to learn to stay down and most of the time I do, but sometimes I forget.

I love my new family and they adore me!  I play tug of war and chase with my sisters and  I’ve met Mom and Dad’s children and grandchildren and they sure are a lot of fun.  Next I’m going to meet some other dogs because I have to be socialized.  I think I’m very sociable already, but whatever!


My new name is Sasha

Sasha 10 weeks 9-8-13Dear Norman & Ros,

It has been a very exciting first week with my new family.  First I went to my new house in Alabama where I met my two sisters, Kia and Leela.  Kia is bigger because she’s a Border Collie but Leela is exactly my size even though she’s full grown!  She’s going to be very surprised when I grow bigger and bigger.  We had a grand time playing and running all over that great big backyard.  I learned my new name really fast and I’ve learned to come when Mom or Dad call me to go inside.

After a few days we all piled into the car and drove to our new house in Miami.  I got carsick – that wasn’t fun.  But I slept most of the way so it wasn’t so bad.   So now I’m here in Miami and the sounds of the city were a little strange at first but I’m getting used to them.   I was scared of the big dog on the other side of the fence in the next yard, but  the big wood fence keeps him on his own side so now I just ignore him.  Daddy is teaching me to walk on the leash and to sit and I love to cuddle with Mommy.  Mom and Dad are really happy that I was already being crate trained because I hardly have any accidents at all.

Next week I’ll be going to the vet so Mommy will post updates and pictures.