Lucy’s travels

Lucy had a great first Thanksgiving back in Alabama.  She visited with family and fur-family for several days.  She made quick friends with her grandparents’  weenie dogs and even shared the bed with one for several nights.  She spent time hiking and did great on the 4 hour road trip.  She loves to be where we are, so as long as her family is by her side, she’s a happy camper.  I wish I could say the same about her crate, but hopefully, she will get used to it.  Here’s a picture from last week.  Her nickname is “Bat Dog.”  It fits!  The second picture is chilling out while I work at home.  She likes to get cozy.

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Hi everyone!  We are the Lewis family from Pensacola.  We brought sweet Zuker home just under two weeks ago.  We have been calling her Lucy or Pup Pup (that one is from the boys).  She is such a doll.  We are a pretty active family, so she has seen her share of the town from birthday parties, to soccer games, trick or treating and a couple of bbq’s.  She is very good at going outside to use the restroom, but we have to be vigilant on watching her at all times.  She likes to sneak off and leave a surprise every once and while.  Lucy is a great addition to our family and we love her so.  Thank you for such a sweet pup pup!