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German Shepherd Puppies for Sale - Newville, Alabama, U.S.A

Welcome to our website. Browse through our pages and view our German Shepherds and the beautiful puppies we have for sale. At Triple S Shepherds our German Shepherd dogs are special friends and companions. The intelligent German Shepherd breed won our hearts with their warm, caring, and loyal temperament! Our Shepherd puppiesare very friendly, good with children, incredibly social, eager to learn, and easily trained. They love to sit at your feet, cuddle in your arms, go on a hike, and join in family adventures. They are loyal companion-oriented dogs tending to focus more on people than surroundings. When you buy one of our Triple S Shepherds to integrate into your family, proper care and exercise will produce a companion dog able to follow your mood and join in as part of the family.

Our goal is to raise superior puppies for you. We choose our breeding stock by the individual dog's health, temperament, and also characteristics proven in work and play. We delight in raising healthy Shepherd puppies with sweet and loyal tempermants suited for the whole family. Please feel free to check out our purchase info and email any questions you might have.

We appreciate your interest. Thank you for the visit.